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  June 2011, Miami, USA
Datapro Inc’s Integrated Banking System (IBS) ranks 10th on Inntron’s ranking list of best Core Banking Software Systems.
  We are pleased to announce that Inntron released their 2011 ranking list of best Core Banking Software Systems and Datapro Inc. ranked at number 10, for the sixth consecutive year. INNTRON is recognized as a leading information technology consultancy in the Banking and Finance sector globally. They develop global core banking market data and provide insightful briefings and analysis based on their unique and up to date intelligence that is gathered, analyzed and recorded daily. INNTRON was established in 1995, started by Randell J. Burke, an Australian who is a qualified veteran of the computer industry.
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May 2011 : TOP 40 : Rankings 1 to 40

  July 2010, Miami, USA
Datapro ranked #1 in the South American Regional Market
  South American regional market top 10 indicator | core banking system vendor ranking (iRanking/iR) based on fresh and focused analysis of both recent and archived interaction records over the previous 12 months (often the length of the evaluation and selection/ or sales cycle) from identified South America (including Central & Latin America, the Caribbean) market parties-of-interest that are financial institutions like banks, cooperatives & micro credit or microfinance organizations, or their consultants and SI's. These market contacts were looking into, inquiring about, comparing, or simply wanting to learn more about the banking core systems market. They found the leading core banking solution providers that we list. Here is a predictive top 10 off our database of core banking system vendors with 'position' in the market and activity around them such that they can be expected to be in consideration where core banking solution selection and purchasing decisions are being made for South American banking and finance market institutions:
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South American + Central American market Top 10 : 1 to 10.
December 2013, MIAMI.
Datapro, Inc. ranks in the TOP 20 of the INNTRON Core Banking iRanking 2013

We are pleased to announce that Inntron released their 2013 ranking list of best Core Banking Software Systems and Datapro Inc. ranked in the top 20. INNTRON is recognized as a leading information technology consultancy in the Banking and Finance sector globally. They develop global core banking market data and provide insightful briefings and analysis based on their unique and up to date intelligence that is gathered, analyzed and recorded daily.

Click below to view the iRanking listing: INNTRON iRanking 2013 : TOP 40 : Rankings 1 to 40

November 2013, VENEZUELA.
Government inaugurated a bank of the Venezuelan National Armed Forces

(Caracas, November 22 - Noticias24 ) - . Minister of Defence, Carmen Melendez from the Chacao municipality of the state of Miranda, specifically in the area of El Rosal , inaugurated a new bank aimed at the Bolivarian National Armed Forces ( BanFanb ) . "It's a historic day with the inauguration of BanFanb " Melendez said, who was proud and very happy "to be opening a bank for our entire fanbase ". The organization has 298 workers who have been trained in public banks , " have signed an agreement with the Minister of Public Bank , Marcos Torres and the Bicentennial where they provided us with the staff & specialists in all areas Bank " Melendez said . At the ceremony , he attended along with the military bishop Sanchez Porras who prayed for the blessing of this bank. For his part, the President of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello , recalled by his account on the social network Twitter , that "the opposition denied the necessary resources " for starting this work was inaugurated today .

November 2013, MIAMI.
Datapro & OBB.

The team working the OBB subsidiary, expressed their thanks for the excellent commitment, quality, and professionalism Datapro provided to their team in the implementation of their objectives to which was a cornerstone they had been looking forward since November with excellent results.

September 2013, MIAMI.
Datapro at the CLAB 2013.

>From September 11th to the 13th, Datapro participated at the Congress of Latin American Automated Banking - CLAB 2013 (FELABAN/FIBA), it took place at the Intercontinental Hotel in the city of Miami, which was attended by more than 1,000 participants from the technological and banking industries, from countries all over the Americas.

September 2013, CHILE.
Coopeuch launches Datapro's e-IBS Core Banking.

last month Coopeuch launched it's new e-IBS Core Banking System, created by Datapro Inc., which will allow them to offer a greater spectrum of services to their clients and partners across the country.

June 2013, COLOMBIA.
Datapro offices open in Colombia.

We have established a new office in Colombia reflecting our commitment to provide local support with regional offices in Latin America, and the growth of our customer base. The new office will offer technical support to our existing customer base in Colombia and the region.

May 2013, MIAMI.
Datapro now brings you access to all news in our on going efforts with Panama and related stories. (Spanish Only)

December 2012, COLOMBIA.
Datapro Inc. sponsors Macrofinanciera's 2012 Golf Tournament.

Last month Datapro, Inc. celebrated it's annual Client Cocktail Party, hosted at Crazy About You - Restaurant & lounge in Brickell. It was an eventful turnout in which many of Datapro's clients and close friends attended. Below we included a photo gallery to share the memories of another great year.

Photo Gallery

October 2012, COLOMBIA.
Datapro Inc. sponsors Macrofinanciera's 2012 Golf Tournament.

Last month datapro sponsored Macrofinanciera's 2012 Annual Golf Tournament in Bogota, Colombia at the Guaymaral Club. The tournament was also backed up by Claro, MasterCard, Movistar to name a few. Prizes and Giveaways were handed out and the club itself hosted an amazing lunch for all attendees.

2012 Golf Tournament

June 2012, MIAMI.
BIESS Bank implements the integrated technology system Datapro inc.

The Bank of the Social Security Institute (BIESS) awarded Datapro Inc. the contract for the implementation it's integrated technological system and control management. Datapro is a company specializing in financial programs, which serves over 120 financial institutions in over 24 countries through out Latin America. Datapro be responsible for the implementation of the systems of e-IBS-Core Banking, a browser-based Java technology, which will allow full integration of the operations of BIESS and create a safe service to members of the bank. Datapro was selected by the National Institute of Public Procurement, which created a technical committee formed by a multidisciplinary group. This team took into account the characteristics of the system, its functionality, the company's experience and proposals. Datapro will implement its system to the needs of BIESS, which has accounting and financial investments functions and service within a single platform, including a generation of new products. The project will be initiated within the next thirty days and it is expected that the technological system will be fully integrated in two years.

Datapro Inc. Cloud services
April 2012, PANAMA.
BNP Renews it's Core Banking System

During an interview with the Executive Secretary of SBP, Mr. Amauri Castillo he commented on the following: “BNP Manager, Dario Berbet commented to us that they are very happy with the ongoing efforts and installation of their new Core Banking System, a new technological platform which the bank needed for many years now. This was made possible without delay and will contribute in better services to the banking community.” Due to the system change that took place, public services provided by the bank were suspended since last Friday, the clients were also unable to use ATM facilities during the weekend. “It was a critical loss, due to the cases that could have developed, but fortunately our contingency plan was effective, the platform change was developed flawlessly and even some changes were completed ahead of the time scheduled, such as having ATMs available to our clients.” , said Mr. Castillo. This Tuesday, April 3rd, the federal bank directed the attention to the clients from the point of view of the platform. The new banking system will allow, among many things, on-line banking services next. The next implementation stage of the new system will be realized en the second trimester of this year.

Datapro Inc. Cloud services
Superintendency of Banks of Panama (SBP) reported that the process of changing the technological platform of the National Bank of Panama (BNP) was implemented smoothly.

February 2012, MIAMI, FL.
Datapro Inc. now offers Online Courses.

We are very proud to announce that in the coming months Datapro will be launching a series of Online Tutorials for our customers through our website. This will facilitate the way our clients can operate our systems with more efficiency and ease. Please follow the link below to check out the first set of Online tutorials available now.

COOPEUCH signs contract with Datapro.

On 29 August at the headquarters of Coopeuch, Dr. Chang Jeldes Syria - General Manager and Mr. Luis Figueroa - Operations and Technology Personnel Cooperative at the University of Chile Ltda "Coopeuch" signed together with the President Datapro INC., Mr. Ricardo R Montero and William Montiel the Director of Marketing and Administration, the "License Agreement for Use of Financial Systems e-IBS ® and the respective Professional Services Implementation and Adaptation". With this contract, Datapro's Financial Systems Inc., e-IBS ® will be operating in five (5) Financial Institutions in Chile Coopeuch is the largest cooperative in Chile, providing financial services to its more than 650,000 members and affiliates through its 86 offices strategically located throughout the Republic of Chile.

Datapro Inc. Cloud services
(Izquierda a derecha)Lic. Luis Figueroa Gonzalez - Operations and systems manager, Dr. Siria Ieldeschang - General Manager, William Montiel - Administrative Director, Ricardo Montero - President of Datapro Miami.

Datapro Inc. Cloud services
(Izquierda a derecha)Dr. Juan Rivadeveira - General Manager, Dr. Raul Novoa Galan - Directive president, Ricardo Montero - President of Datapro Miami, Dra. Siria Jeldes Chang - General manager, Sergio Zuñiga - Management advisement secretary, William Montiel - Administrative Director, Lic. Luis Figueroa - Operations and Technology Manager.

BHN & Datapro present awards at the Panama National Public Speaking Competition.

The National Public Speaking Competition conducted by Banco Hipotecario Nacional de Panamá. 9 children attended from elementary schools representing each province that were previously selected in such regions. Banco Hipotecario Nacional de Panamá made a highly appreciated contribution as well as the support of Datapro, Inc. the talent of Panamanian children.

Datapro Inc. Cloud services

Cloud Computing.

Offering "Cloud Sevices" in more than 9 countries since 2005.

Datapro Inc. Cloud services

MAY 2011, MIAMI, FL.
Caja de Ahorros opens headquaters.

The new headquarters of Caja de Ahorros, located in Via Spain, was inaugurated on May 18 in the presence of President of the Republic Ricardo Martinelli and bank manager, Jayson Pastor.

Ricardo Francolini, Ricardo Martinelli & Jayson Pastor LA PRENSA/Jazmín Saldaña
Ricardo Francolini, Ricardo Martinelli & Jayson Pastor

William Montiel & Alexeis Perera
William Montiel & Alexeis Perera

MAY 2011, MIAMI.
Datapro's New Helpdesk Application Now Online.

We would like to announce our new web based application that will allow our costumers to input and monitor the status of cases reported to the Help Desk. It integrates our help desk requests and assets to help our costumers manage their IT effectively as well as it helps implement ITIL best practices and troubleshoot IT service requests faster. To visit the new Helpdesk application please click on the image below.

New Helpdesk Application

Datapro's profile on this month's issue of TYN Magazine.

Datapro, Inc. reached further praise this month in the September Issue of TYN Magazine published in Panama. William Montiel - Director of Marketing and Administration, of Datapro shared a few comments with the popular magazine and explained our vision and goals. The two page spread article and link to the magazine can be found below.

Banco Nacional de Panama

TYN Magazine Panama August 2010 Issue.


Banco Nacional de Panama The RFP launch by three of the government banks in Panamá, Banco Nacional de Panamá, Banco de Desarrollo Agropecuario and Banco Hipotecario Nacional, awarded the Banking Technology Upgrade Project to Datapro Inc. a leader in the Americas provider of Core Banking Systems. The e-IBS® Core Banking System is installed in more than 150 banks and financial institutions in over 26 countries in the Americas and Europe. With these three new installations, Datapro Inc. will have more than more than 25 Customers in Panamá. The Contracts are expected to be signed by the end of August 2010, and the projects should start simultaneously by September 2010, according to Mr. William Montiel - Director of Marketing and Administration, of Datapro. Inc.

previous news
  To further advance its strategic plans for providing full coverage of in-house and outsourced services, Datapro created its powerful affiliate Global Outsource Services, a full service resource designed to process outsourced banking operations via Internet protocols.  
March 2009. Miami, USA.
Datapro proud sponsor of the "Carnaval Miami Golf Classic Putting for Education" to collect funds for the education of poor children.
As in previous years Datapro was proud sponsor of the "Carnaval Miami Golf Classic Putting for Education" . The event took place at the Shula’s Golf Club on March 12.