Datapro’s IBS® REPORTS SYSTEM manages all reports generated by the e-IBS® Core Banking System.

  • Easily generates the reports you need for all End-of-Day and End-of-Month processes.
  • Generate reports on-demand or by customer request
  • Enables your customers/users to generate their own reports
  • Generates reports in PDF format
  • PDF reports from any PC station or laptop with a compatible browser

IBS Trade® – Trade Finance System:

Datapro’s IBS Trade®, a PC-based client/ server application, is a complete trade solution designed to automate and simplify Trade Finance.

  • Streamline the cumbersome and document-intensive manual operations related to the processing of Letters of Credit and corresponding credit facilities.
  • Input data automatically.
  • Free your staff, and yourself, to spend more time on the Trade Finance business itself.